peregrinerocks whispered: She leaves a basket of still warm pear and apple rose tarts at the doorstep, it's just a quick drop to a friend she hasn't spoken to in so long. She isn't even sure if he remembers her, oh well. She chirps a soft laugh, pulls the bell to summon the help, "Stubborn little Toff," and carries on for the day. [[ it's been ages, hello! ]]

Sebastian delivered the basket to the little Lord’s study once it had been sufficiently checked over for signs of poisoning or threats. He had thumbed the basket for a tag and then, with a quizzical smile on his feline mouth, brought the basket up to the study.
  “It appears you have received a gift, Young Master. Is it from a secret admirer, I wonder?” He teased, placing it on the desk and leaning back to observe his Master’s reaction. Ciel’s eyes lit up, the sweet smell a welcome break in between a day of dance lessons and paperwork and pedantic planning for the future. He was distracted enough that he didn’t bother to bite back at Sebastian’s taunts. 
  “Oh? And do you know who from?” 
  “Well, unless it was Lady Elizabeth, there are few others who think of you so kindly. And I’m sure that she wouldn’t keep quiet about such a gesture… However, there was one visitor, wasn’t there? A while back, the one you became rather fond of, I think?” He seemed dreadfully amused and Ciel scowled back at him. “Ah. Miss Peregrine, wasn’t it?”
  “It was… Well, let’s hope her reappearance doesn’t arouse Elizabeth’s jealousy.” He commented idly, quickly picking up one of the tarts and dividing it neatly into half with his thumbs before pushing a piece into his mouth. His eyes wandered downwards and he seemed momentarily pensive. “It’s a pity that she left in such a rush.” 
  “Do you wish she would’ve stayed, my Lord?” Sebastian took the basket from him, not willing to let the sweets ruin his appetite for the next meal he had slaved over. Ciel gave him a brief, look of contempt and the demon responded with a sugar-sweet smile. 
  “Perhaps. On days like this, even I am glad of the company…” 

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